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A limited run of YOLO tee shirts.

Wiki refers to “Lift Off Oversteer” in this way

Lift-off oversteer (also known as snap-oversteer, trailing-throttle oversteer, throttle off oversteer, or lift-throttle oversteer) is a form of oversteer in automobiles that occurs while cornering when closing the throttle causes a deceleration, causing the vertical load on the tires to shift from the rear to the front, in a process called weight transfer. This decrease in vertical load on the rear tires causes a decrease in the lateral force they generate, so that their lateral acceleration (into the corner) is also decreased. This causes the vehicle to steer more tightly into the turn, hence oversteering. In other words, easing off the accelerator can cause the rear tires to lose traction, with the potential for the car to leave the road tail first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lift-off_oversteer

We see it as a way of staying awake and alert at the wheel – focussing on the road and not on the phone, and generally driving the car well, rather than just pointing the car in the direction of travel.

Whichever way you travel, you will be right at home in this new You Only Lift Once t-shirt.

Limited to just 20 shirts.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

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