1962 Porsche 356B T6 Super 90

This 1962 Porsche 356B Super 90 coupe has lived in California and Oregon since new and now resides in Australia.

It emerged in 1990 in its current street/track specification following a 3-year, bare-metal build. It was prepared to be both a vintage race and road rally car while still being street legal, and custom brake and suspension work was done by Emory Motorsports. The car was vintage raced periodically from the ’80s up until 2006, including 10 appearances at the Portland Historics with no DNFs.

It has two engines – the original matching numbers engine is packed in boxes.  The modified Porsche 912 engine is currently powering this car.

The car has been lowered and balanced with Koni adjustable shocks and a Skirmants bar on the rear.  It has been de-cambered front and rear. There is pretty much no body roll. The original transmission remains in the car. It has a 6 volt battery in a 100% solid battery tray.

The drum brakes are retained with the following modifications made by Emory Motorsports who did much of the work on the car:

  • Reproductions of the factory racing backing plates which have large scoops front and rear to maximize cooling.
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • Dual chamber master cylinder, Super Blue racing brake fluid
  • Special brake shoes

Drums are ceramic coated with a heat reflecting coating in the center to keep the bearings cool and a heat defusing coating around the rest of the drum to expedite cooling

The 912-based motor was built from new or as new components, by Motorsports International:

  • Balanced crankshaft & rods
  • Shasta 9.5 to 1 pistons and cylinders
  • Norris 3/4 cam
  • Weber 40 carburetors with K & N filters
  • Front oil cooler with Aeroquip lines, quick disconnect fittings and 930 inline thermostat
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • Distributor modified with Pertronics 6-volt


Full Chronological Vehicle History (from previous owners and documents)

This is how the car left the factory.

  • Sold originally in San Diego, CA. Grey on red interior
  • Owner gave car to son who moved to Portland, OR
  • Apr ’78 – engine rebuild, engine block .010” over
  • 1984 – car traded in for new car purchase. Car ended up at Sam’s Used Cars in Portland.
  • April, ‘85 – traded for a 914 race car. Oregon plate DTE234
  • July ’85 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • Nov ‘85 – traded to Steve H., Beaverton OR, for his 911 race car. White on red interior
  • July ’86 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • Dec ‘86 – odometer reading 53381
  • Oct ‘88 – Car registered in CA with plate 2KLP875
  • Oct ‘90 – Car re-registered in Oregon with collector plate SP02992
  • July ’94, July ’95, July ’96, July ’97 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • May ’98 – Odometer 73309 (Motor Sports International).  R&R engine, overhaul engine complete (heads, valves, bearings), line bore to fit case, grind head and R&R guides, resize rods, rebush fit and align rods, clean and magnaflux crank, grind .010, magnaflux rods, weld crack in case, remove oil lines and install new, weld oil breather, clean and repair battery cables/connections.  Race prep and blueprint engine – 9.39 compression ratio, end play .15mm, piston-to-head .060, valve-to-piston .120, coil bind 27.7mm, install height 41 in/40 ex.
  • June ’99 – Odometer 73668 (Motor Sports International)  1000 mile service on new engine, install customer oil thermostat (from 930),
  • July ’99 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • May ’00 – purchase 4 chrome wheels
  • June ’00 – master cylinder/lines/reservoir, vented backing plates, shoes/seals/front bearings, Skirmants bar, shift bushings, adjust valves
  • July, ’00, July ’01, July ’02 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • July ’03 – Odometer 74652 (Motor Sports International). Change oil and filter, adjust valves, repair exhaust system, safety check for vintage race, clutch check OK
  • July ’03 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • April ’05 – Odometer 74932 (Motor Sports International). Change oil and filter, adjust valves, remove deep sump, remove front brake drums/install used adjuster/adjust all brakes (still pull a little, no cylinders leaking), adjust carbs (too lean) (120 main jets, 200 air correctors, F11 tubes), remove exhaust header/weld extractor/replace gaskets, turn signals not correct.
  • July ’06 – Raced in Portland Historics
  • Dec ’06 – Odometer 75733 – Purchased by Alan N., San Jose, CA  Replaced tach cable insert, Removed disconnected 12V radio, installed radio delete plate, Converted registration to YOM 1956 Calif. license plates w/ 1962 sticker WNU271, Removed ‘kill switch’ (required for vintage racing) in front left bumper bracket hole, Installed front/rear nerf bars from 356 Goodie Store, Pacific Grove, Cleaned and painted gas tank; installed with new collar, gasket. Refurbished fuel cock, Cleaned and repainted front sway bar. Installed with new bushings, Cleaned bottom of car, painted with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, Renewed seam sealer (Wuerth AdhesivFlex seam sealer) at longitudinals, inner fenders
  • Jan 08, Participated in Anti-Football Run
  • Aug ’09 – Install backup hood release wire inside front left fender, Installed new Optima 6V battery using original hold-down, new ground strap , New custom exhaust/muffler, Installed NOS Cibie headlight units in US-spec headlight buckets and clear lenses, Installed Headlight relay (from Joe Leone of 356Electrics) and Halogen headlight bulbs, Cleaned fuse block and all wire end connections from firewall forward for 6V reliability, Install new hood seal
  • Oct 09- Participated in Pedalpusher Rally
  • Oct ’10 – Participated in Pedalpusher Rally ,
  • Nov ’10  -Received Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche Cars North America
  • May ’11 – Odometer 85000, Tires Replaced (5), Clutch Replaced, Major Service at Hi-Tec Automotive
  • Nov 15 – Sold to Chris D. in Byron Bay, Australia
  • Jan 16 – Arrived in Sydney, installed new 6v battery
  • May 16 – People’s Choice award at Cars and Coffee Byron Bay
  • Oct 16 – Rebuilt both Webers due to small fuel leak
  • Feb 17 – Oil service, Valvoline 20-50 mineral oil, adjusting brake travel, refurbish starter motor


Asking $185,000 AUD, equivalent to $142,000 USD

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