Stolen Cobra found in container filled with drugs

If you are interested in cars with interesting history, then this one would fit perfectly.   It is currently going through the auction system today.

Shelby Cobra CSX 4048

Shelby finished making his original cars in the ’60s.   They all started with a CSX number of 2 or 3.

Then, in the ’90s, he subcontracted a fresh build of Shelby Continuation cars….starting with a CSX number of 4.  They are often referred to as a “genuine Shelby Cobra” – and they are – except they are not the original ’60s build.   In all fairness, they are the same as many other “replica” or “tribute” cars available these days.

And that is a big difference in this case.

This car question, the Shelby Cobra CSX40048 was sold to an Australian man as a “genuine Shelby Cobra” for close to $700,000.   He then placed a “for sale” notice on a global Cobra forum for more than $700,000 – and was offered closer to $100,000.

One suggestion was to take the Cobra back to the selling dealer and trade it in on a real exotic car.

Many years went by where the car did not sell.  Legal advise was sought.  Fingers were pointed.

The NSW police then reported that the car had been stolen.   Many people were wondering if the insurance company would pay on the “agreed value” of $700,000 or the true market value of that car which was closer to $100,000.

Months went by.  No car and no settlement.

Then finally the car was found.  Inside a warehouse with other exotic cars all stuffed with drugs.  They were about to be shipped overseas.    The car appears to have been returned to the original owner, as it turned up for sale a little while later for $300,000,  although it was missing the valuable VIN tags and signed glovebox cover.

The VIN which was once lost, has been found

And that leads us to where we are today.   Lloyds Online Auctions have this same car listed and the current bid is $99,000 AUD.   No mention of the history, and no mention that the car probably cannot be registered in Australia anymore.  So effectively, it is a replica Shelby Cobra for use on the track only.  Link to auction here

This must be the most well known Cobra in Australia.  Mention CSX 4048 to any Cobra fan, and they will instantly recall part or all of the story.

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