Renault R8 Gordini

I can’t say that I have much experience with one of these – the truth is I have never laid eyes on one in the flesh.  However, they are an attractive and potent little car, and they are rear engined, rear wheel drive.  It looks like a common thread of car design at the time (think VW, Porsche, Tatra etc)

This one is for sale in Western Australia at the moment and the seller gives plenty of details of the restoration of this car over the years.  The link to the auction is here

This 1968 fully restored R8 Gordini is offered for sale to the classic Renault enthusiast.

R8G was purchased by current owner at Shannon’s Melbourne auction in September 2013 for $27,500, having had three previous owners.  The immediate past owner loved Gordi for over 25 years before having to reluctantly sell at the auction.

“Gordi” was in reasonable shape but needed quite a bit of repair and restoration to be an enjoyable daily drive and to participate in classic racing events.

The restoration was done by Ray Watson at Gecko Engineering over an 18 month period and included the following:


Gordi was completely stripped before media blast.  This revealed a very sound body with very little rust but had some damage on the driver side pillar.

PAZ Automotive Spray Painting was commissioned to do the necessary repairs and respray in Gordini Blue.  The result is a stunning looking as new Gordini body.  Total cost of for body and panels was $24,500.

All rubber seals were replaced for doors and windows.


The engine has been completely restored with all new parts, where available, and used parts sourced from around the world which were then serviced and brought back to as new standard.

The new parts include the pistons and liners, cam shaft and followers, gaskets etc.

With new exhaust and muffler from Auto Bleu Gordi sounds awesome and drives easily in traffic, on the open road and on the track.

MegaJolt electronic ignition was added after initial restoration.  This transformed the Gordi into an even easier and well behaved car to drive.


The gears, clutch and running gear were fully stripped, serviced and repaired where necessary.  There was not much work required as all were in good condition.


The wiring loom was replaced with new one.  Fuses were modified and relays added to modern electrical standards.


The Gordini wheels with Michelin XAS tyres are in very good condition.

There is also a set of four Brahim rims included in the sale. These came from a Renault A110 with near new Dunlop SP Sport 200 175/65 tyres.

Both 15 inch wheels.


In preparation for historic racing a roll cage was and a retro style racing seat plus four point racing harness were fitted.  These are removable to restore Gordi back to original seats.

There is also a car cover that I had made for Gordi.

There is also a range of spares that came with the car plus original exhaust and muffler.

The restoration in including paint, panel parts and labour was over $100,000.

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