1987 Holden Commodore Brock HDT VL Director

This ad from Ebay is listed as a genuine 1987 VL Brock HDT Holden Commodore Director.

The seller reports that is has 4.9 Lt V8 sedan in Eucumbene Blue with grey leather trim.

Back in Feb 1987 Peter Brock released the HDT Brock VL Director. Brock went on to produce 12 examples of the Director with a price tag of $87,000 so back in 1987 they where the most expensive and rarest of all the cars that Peter Brock and HDT made.

This Car was the 10th example made by Brock HDT being sold late 1987 in Brisbane and it comes with extensive history.

The engines where hand built by HDT they where blue printed and balanced fitted with Roller Rockers and the heads were ported to Brock’s specifaction and they produced 223 Kilowatts.  Remember, the Walkinshaw only produced 180 Kw and it would take HSV until 1999 when the first of the 5.7 Lt Gen III were released to product a motor with more power.  These cars where decades before there time.

It was optioned with the 223 Kilowatt High Output Motor, Sunroof, Recaro Leather Sports Seats, 2 x Polarisers, 90 Lt Fuel Tank, 16″ x 8″ Simmons B45 Alloy Wheels 245/45/16 & Brand New Tyres, Alarm, Power Windows, Momo Steering Wheel and all the normal items like Cruise Control, Power Windows and Mirrors, Corvette Brake Calipers, Bilstein Suspension and so on.

This car won Best HDT & 1st Place in Concourse at HDT Nationals 2012 & it has previously won Best HDT at Qld All Holden Day 2009, 2010 & 2011.

It is currently listed at $199,000 AUD with some room for negotiation.

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