Porsche 993 delivery

Where it all began

I had been searching for a Porsche 911 sine 2010. It either had to be a pre-73 longhood, or the last of the air-cooled Porsche 993. Nothing else really floated my boat.


After 18 months searching, and slowly realising that a pre-73 would be not that practical for me living in the city with young kids, I realised that a 993 would be a better choice.  Hell, the air conditioning probably worked well.  !


So, what started out as a simple purchase of a Porsche 911, turned into something of far greater significance.  I was on the lookout for a Porsche 993 in manual, low kilometres and in original condition.   After months of searching, I found this 1994 Porsche 993.  It is tiptronic (not manual).  It has 140,000, so not low kilometres.  And it is not in original condition.

How could I go so far off my wish list ?

And what was about to happen ?

Well, my wonderful Mother-In-Law can bear partial responsbility of me purchasing this car, and creating an obsession with Porsche. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer just a few months earlier.  Seeing first hand how fragile life was, and not wanting to regret any wasted moments, I forgot all about my wish list, and forgot about the 18 months of searching, and purchased this car.  It was purchased sight-unseen, with no mechanical checks at all.  And luckily, it was cheap.  It needed some love.  Just like that three legged dog you just had to take home form the pound – well, this car was that dog.

My Mother-In-Law saw the car just a few weeks before she passed away, and was pleased. Little did she know what lay beneath.

Well,  it turned up on the back of a truck.  Delivered from Adelaide to Melbourne was this beauty.



So the first thing I did was change the wheels to standard Porsche Cup 2 wheels and got the car registered in Victoria.  It needs some work, so let’s begin.


And here is 3 year old son who has no idea what his Dad has just done.


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